How our Assistive Technology Professionals work with Occupational and Physical Therapists

We're part of YOUR team. When you work with TrustCare we apply the following process to ensure a smooth and pain free experience for you:

We gather information about your patient: the nature of their disability, details on their home or present facility, confirm their insurance or alternate funding sources, establish the duration of the need for the requested equipment, and examine any special needs that may arise.

We schedule an appointment to evaluate the patient with a physical or occupational therapist in a seating clinic. This allows us to determine appropriate approaches in a clinical setting, identify options, and educate the patient on what's available to them. We have lots of responsibilities but one is to make sure those with disabilities see all their options when it comes to mobility and help them make an educated decision.

A full home evaluation is then scheduled and performed by the ATP. Once the best solution is identified, we forward measurements and specifications along with a full report to the participating therapist. We walk the patient and their family through all the steps required.

Pre-authorization: We work directly with your insurance to confirm that any charges will be covered to prevent additional costs. Once approval is obtained, we conduct a full review of financial responsibility to ensure the customer understands any obligation they may have.

The ATP personally handles ordering, thus ensuring that all the details are correct after the seating evaluation. Once equipment arrives, we assemble it and then contact all parties to set up delivery and any required installation is conducted by the ATP.

We schedule follow up appointments for further adjustments and keep the participating therapist in the loop.

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